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Asoruh for General Construction

Asoruh General Construction company established in Iraq with the main headquarter office in Erbil city and branch office in Baghdad.
It has been existed to response to the extensive programme of building reconstruction and rehabilitation the infrastructure in whole Iraq, in particular it has effectively partaken in the rapid rebuilding process which Kurdistan region is experiencing presently and will expand in future.
Since its foundation, it has endured fast growth and expanded in parallel with ongoing growing projects in the country ,the company now employs , local engineering ,supporting stuff .
Asoruh General Construction was established to provide products and services to the
varied type of construction and infrastructure sector.

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Today we are proud to say that Asoruh is one of the prominent and successful companies in Iraq having a solid base highly educated engineers with valuable (Technical & Commercial) knowledge in dealing with local and international business community.
Asoruh General construction has always acknowledge that is success varies directly with its employee's performance .we pried ourselves with professionalism and the high quality output that is maintained by all our employees to ensure study growth and success.
In 2009 our company is becoming a global company registered in Germany, according to company registration documents attached.

Our Construction Company is a full service construction firm, serving middle east by delivering effective building solutions to clients through design build, general contracting and construction management methods. Headquartered in Baghdad, we provide complete architectural engineering services as well as service teams which deliver specialized facility maintenance, steel and home modification services.

We utilize cutting-edge design and communication technology to deliver creative, sustainable and cost effective solutions from office to field. We view ourselves as a single-source solution provider serving a wide-ranging spectrum of clients such as pharmaceutical manufacturers and food processors, healthcare facilities, commercial and retail, office buildings, K-12 and higher education facilities, non-profits; and community places of worship. 

Our staff of 850 experienced professionals ensures that every customer, new and returning, realizes their vision along with quality that lasts a lifetime. Ranging from large manufacturers to small business owners, doctors to educators and community non-profits, our goal is to meet the unique needs of our clients and surpass their expectations with innovation and integrity from start to completion.

Organizations throughout Iraq value best practices, professionalism and collaboration. We are privileged to be a strong part of our industry’s continued dedication and thankful for our recognition:


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Kirkuk power plant Project


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Kaznazan & Duhok Project