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Since its formation in 2003, Al Hurea Security Company has adapted, matured and emerged as a respected security provider here in Iraq and is currently on the BP/ ROO approved PSC list, It has a growing international client base in support to government, non-government and oil and gas organisations.
Al Hureaprides itself on quality and providing turnkey solution orientated security services to suit the needs and requirements for each individual client needs.
Al Hurea currently has over 200 contractors working and during its early years had over 3,500 contractors working on numerous US Military contracts across Iraq.
With offices in Baghdad, North Rumaylah and its HQ in Basra, Al Hurea can provide security services in any area of Iraq in support to its clients.


  • Mobile and Executive Protection
  • Static Security
  • Mobile and Executive Protection
  • Static Security

Al Hurea security has extensive experience in working in all provinces of Iraq and can adjust to each and every environment with close liaison with local Iraqi Security Forces and hiring its staff from the local community with an excellent reputation and strong connection with tribal leaders.


Owner and CEO – Mr.GhiathLatif Salman

A seasoned business development and project finance professional with over ten years experience managing international clients. As CEO and owner, he provides the strategic leadership to the company that allows Al Hurea to consistently deliver the solutions our customers are looking for, whilst delivering projects on time and within budget; he also holds a Degree in Engineering.

Scott Ramsay – Country Director 

Scott has the complete package with ten years security management and operational planning experience in Iraq working with Government, non-Government and leading oil and gas organisations across the MENA region. He has successfully mobilised, delivered and managed multiple projects across MENA including – arguably – the largest and most complex security projects in the Middle East. His Diplomas in Security and Risk management complete the synergy; with his main effort to ensure client satisfaction, delivery of service and management of security contracts.


All project management personnel are mainly ex British military personnel with extensive experience from previous projects in Iraq. Al Hurea presents high minimum standards for its contractors and compensates accordingly to achieve this.


  • AKREL – Mobile and Static security.
  • Intragulf – Mobile Security.
  • Kogas – Mobile Security.
  • General Electric  (GE) – Mobile Security.
  • ResModTec – Static Security.
  • FUGRO – Mobile Security.
  • Hyundai – Mobile Security and Static Security.
  • Oil Field Services – Mobile Security.

Recent project case study:

Location: North Rumaylah concession area.
Client: ARKEL International.
Start Date: July 2014
Contract Value: $12m+

To mobilise 4 mobile security teams complaint to BP/ ROO Minimum security standards and 50 x local national guards along with establishing an expatriate 
project management team within 30 days, to provide security to ARKEL personnel and main base camp location in North Rumaylah.

Providing the experienced Al Hurea management and expertise to the mobilisation, Al Hurea successfully mobilised and established the project management team; 4 mobile security teams compliantto BP/ ROO minimum security standards and had static security in place guarding the ARKEL main camp within 30 days.

The project is now looking to expand and we are standing up SHELL compliant teams and forecast a 100% growth in project size by April 2015.

Any of our clients, including ARKEL would gladly provide references on request.

On request or as part of a contract, Al Hurea can provide its clients with Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) for personnel either (ideally) before they travel to work in Iraq or, on arrival into Iraq.
Al Hurea also upholds high standards for all security personnel and strives to maintain those standards by continuous on-the-job training and/ or at its dedicated training HQ at North Rumaylah before personnel are placed on to projects.
We implement a train the trainer and internal verification process into our training, to ensure that the personnel taking the training are teaching correctly and covering not only company SOPs but incorporating local laws and MoI directives.

All teams are fitted with multiple communications systems such as VHF/ Satellite phones/ GSM and IVMS; we can also fit the teams with HF radios as and when required to give a larger communications footprint and capability on the ground.
Each team also has a minimum of two IVMS that has the panic alarm and vehicle tracking functions that are monitored by the watch keeper and operations managers.

Our Ministry of Interior (MoI)security license is currently valid, until July 2015 and Ministry of Trade (MOT) Operating licenses. Offices established in Erbil, Baghdad, Basra.
MoI Freedom of movement requested and provided on a bi monthly basis directly linked to Security operating license and required for individual provinces.
We currently hold an SOC letter, which allows us access to all concession areas in southern Iraq.
We can obtain all other concession and province movement paperwork in a timely manner should it be required.

We hold all necessary movement paperwork in order to move freely across southern Iraq including Missan Province; we can access all oil field concession areas and renew all paperwork in a timely manner, during its operating years, Al Hurea has never been unable to move due to paperwork issues.

We have substantial insurances in place for liability and professional imdemnity along with personal accident insurance for both expatriate and local national contractors operating on Al Hurea Security project.

Al Hurea Security is subscribed to the RMSI international SOS service in Iraq, which provides us with in country second line surgical medical support at the RMSI facilities situated throughout southern Iraq. The services also provide us with medical and repatriation evacuation for expatriate contractors working on Al Hurea security projects if required.
It is also company policy that all expatriate contractors are qualified to FPOS-I at a minimum, backed up with adequate ALS medical trauma bags, ensures the best possible first line medical support to our clients and company personnel is available.

To ensure that our security services areadjusting and operating commensurate to the current security environment, thus optimising security to our clients, we are subscribers to the AEGIS TAU daily/ weekly and monthly security reports. Also provided as part of this service are up to date spot reports on all incidents across Iraq with in depth analysis reporting.
This information is passed through our security operations and down to the static security managers and team leaders in order for them to adapt accordingly.



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